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Stone Finishes

There are two profiles for upright headstones, namely plate and desk. A plate headstone is the same thickness from top to bottom, usually 75mm or 100mm. A desk headstone is wider at the bottom than the top which makes the face of the stone angle upward. The plate stones are more cost effective than a desk stone because less granite is used. Similarly the more popular 75mm plate is more cost effective than the 100mm.

There are a few different finishes that can be applied to both desk and plate headstones. The fully polished look is the most popular and easiest to keep clean. Other options include rock, sawn, axed, and honed finishes—all of which are popular.

Cleaning kits are available to keep the memorials looking like new. They can be purchased at any time.

This gallery displays a collection of different stone finishes available for upright memorials.