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Pet Plaques

Pet Plaques New Zealand is a part of Aaron Whiteman Monumental Masonry. We have an extensive range of pet plaques available to suit all budgets. There are various popular designs and we can work with you if you have a particular design in mind. Pet plaques can be set on a concrete tile, mounted on a wall, mounted on a rock, and can be placed in the garden. We can make anything you need, different sizes, colours etc., with accompanying artwork and photos if desired.

Ashes urns for pets can double as a memorial with a small inscription placed on it or a photo, have a look at our ashes urns page for a full description and more photos.

We supply pet plaques to both the Wellington region and the rest of New Zealand; how to order and postage details are included on our brochure. Please click on the following link to download a brochure for a pet plaque memorial, and have a look at the gallery below.