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Sandblasting is the modern way of lettering into stone. With the advent of computers and thousands of fonts, the layout and style of a memorial is almost limitless. The lettering will last forever on a granite memorial, however the lettering colour needs to be maintained.

Traditionally lettering is either white, silver or gold. White or silver lasts around 7-10 years, gold is 23 carat and lasts around 10-15 years. Occasionally we use other colours such as pink and blue and can do any colour you like, which will last around the same as white or silver. This is based on using the black granite which holds its lettering longer than the other granite colours. Please check with us and we can advise you based on our experience of the colour holding characteristics of the different granite colours.

The lettering on a headstone is typically made up of two or three fonts chosen from a large selection available. If you have a particular font you would like to use, let us know.

We have a great deal of experience in foreign languages using the Greek and Jewish alphabets, Chinese characters and creating memorials for people of all nationalities.

There are thousands of fonts available and we have selected a range of lettering styles suited to memorial work and have them illustrated below.