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An excellent accessory to any memorial. We have a vase to suit all applications. Please look at the gallery to view the options, the photos have a description at the bottom for your reference.


Nearly every cemetery allows these popular vases for the holding of flowers. They are an industry standard. The vases are made of a rigid plastic and lead weighted at the bottom to help keep them sitting firm in windy conditions. Two different tops and five different colours to choose from. Black, silver, gold, bronze and white. They suit all memorials.

RSA wall vase

Designed as a wall mounted vase, they have a multitude of uses. Perfect in most RSA and ashes wall sections and can be placed on headstones if the cemetery allows.

Trumpet Vase

The trumpet vase is perfect for holding longer stem flowers and windmills etc. Available in gold, black, silver.

Vase Holders

Akatarawa cemetery has provision in the concrete beam for flower receptacles. Taita and Whenua Tapu cemeteries do not and you have to purchase a vase holder. These must be granite in Taita cemetery but can be either granite or plaster vase blocks in Whenua Tapu. The blocks can be incorporated with a granite plinth or placed next to the plaque. We also have some beautiful turned vases available.

The gallery below shows the different vase styles and the vase holders.